South Amboy, NJ

Multi Family Residential

South Amboy development project by March Development

Claremont Development/March Development hired Cascade Environmental to play a vital role in their redevelopment project, requiring expertise in delineation, remediation, and excavation of PCE and daughter products on the site. Initially approached to address the chlorinated plume, Cascade's licensed site remediation professional (LSRP) opted for a high-resolution site characterization approach, focusing on various hot spots for targeted treatment using CleanER™ iZVI supplemented with bioaugmentation. This strategic move allowed Cascade to pinpoint and address the actual source zone effectively, optimizing their remediation efforts.

To maintain overburden pressure and ensure performance, Cascade treated the dissolved plume before reaching the source, given the presence of sandy layers in the subsurface. However, the challenge escalated with the presence of a dilapidated structure situated above the source zone, containing asbestos-containing materials. Handling the demolition necessitated meticulous hazardous materials safety precautions, including spraying the building during demolition, employing personal protective equipment (PPE), and careful deconstruction. Groundwater sampling conducted at 30, 60, and 90 days post-treatment demonstrated the effectiveness of the approach in reducing groundwater contamination, with plume sampling indicating notable reductions in concentrations. To further achieve contaminant concentration levels suitable for monitored natural attenuation and redevelopment, a second round of injections is planned for 2023.

This project garnered the prestigious Project Merit Award for Remediation from the EBJ, solidifying our commitment to excellence and innovation in environmental remediation.

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